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Coffee Talk.

Gourmet Coffee Beans and Supply Delivery

The Best Gourmet Coffee Delivery in Salt Lake City

When your Salt Lake City business needs coffee and supplies, look no further than the gourmet roasters at Treasure Valley Coffee. We offer more than 200 varieties and flavors from around the world, and we are committed to providing the best brews for your customers, employees and guests.

The Treasure Valley freshness factor

Whether you want a bold, dark brew in an espresso roast or a light, highly caffeinated variety from countries like Costa Rica or Colombia, we have what you need. At Treasure Valley Coffee, we collect beans from around the world and roast them in our sister facility in Idaho. That means fresh, fragrant beans suited to any palate and preference. With freshly roasted coffee, you can enjoy the full benefits of the flavors, without the bitterness.

The difference with fresh gourmet coffee from Treasure Valley starts with a process called the Maillard reaction and ends with chemistry. First, roasting combines amino acids and sugars to create a wonderful caramelization effect. The same thing happens when you brown meats, malt barley or bake bread.

Roasting also creates a lot of carbon dioxide, which is gradually released as the coffee cools. We let some of this degassing occur before packaging, but the process continues for weeks. But you don’t want to let go of too much of that carbon dioxide – that’s why freshness is paramount. Roasted coffee that contains most of its carbon dioxide is more aromatic, provides more crema and has a stronger, more delicious flavor.

Gourmet coffee delivery you can trust

We have been in the coffee roasting and delivery business for 30 years, and we don’t ever drop our standards. We are passionate about coffee, and our loyal customers deserve only the best. Whether you need beans and brewers only or would like our team to help you stock coffee supplies and other beverage items, we are here to take care of you.

Our custom beans come in any variety of darkness you need, and the quality of coffee is there in every cup. With Treasure Valley coffees, your customers will be drawn into your business based on the aroma alone. Once they taste your brew, they’ll come back time and again.

All our coffees come prepared to your specifications, whether you want whole beans to grind yourself, pre-ground options, batch brewing packs and supplies or single-cup coffees.

Office Coffee Can Boost Your Business

If your business in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the Wasatch Front is interested in providing coffee for employees, we can customize a program to meet your needs. We offer small brewers and single-cup coffee machines so everyone can have exactly what they like. This keeps your staff from leaving the office, encourages a friendly work culture and boosts productivity across the board. If you have employees or business partners who don’t prefer coffee, we offer a variety of teas, water coolers, hot chocolate and more.

We deliver directly to your door, and our team can even help you track your inventory and stock your shelves. In addition, we will service your coffee machines and provide any supplies your office requires. In case of an emergency, we offer 24-hour service.

We are so confident in our gourmet coffees that we want you to try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
Call 801-265-2667 to inquire about a free demonstration and stress-free coffee delivery estimate.

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  1. Noriko

    I have read so many negative reveiws of this wonderful little moka machine, I must put in my 2 cents. First, this is a stream machine, meaning it makes moka not espresso. If you like Bialetti but want cappuccino instead of cafe latte, then this is perfect. The grind must be close to espresso, finer than for Bialetti, and you must tamp it down, but no tamper included. There is only 1 knob, yes it is stiff, but i don’t have arthritis. The round design makes it easy to handle even though it is very light. It descales with vinegar! How about that, actually a traditional machine. The panarello works, just put in extra cup of water for steaming. Make 2 cups , not 1 or 4, and always start with cold machine, or use very, very cold water. Stop the brewing as soon as moka hits 2 cups or it starts to steam instead of brew, then switch the knob to steam for the milk. If you don’t, coffee will taste slightly burned. I have owned espresso and moka machines from USD5 to USD1,000 over a period of 40 years. If you like moka, don’t waste money on anything more expensive. But, like any machine, read the manual, and experiment if things don’t work the way you want. Finally, garbage in garbage out. If you want great cappuccino, use good organic coffee and organic milk.

  2. Gary Spaid

    Do you make home deliveries??

    1. admin Author

      Yes we do, give us a call and we can talk to you about the details.

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