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Filtered Water

for your business...

Bottled Water, Bottleless Coolers and Dispensers

Treasure Valley Coffee installs and maintains bottleless water coolers & ice dispensers for health facilities and more in SLC and the Wasatch Front.

Treasure Valley Coffee, Inc., can deliver purified or spring water in bottles or install a water filtration system in your place of business – your choice! No matter how you take your water, you can rely on us to always provide you with refreshing, great-tasting drinking water.

No contracts – ever!

We will never try to force you into any contract with us. This means that you are under no obligation to continue the use of our services or products. You will never be faced with fuel surcharges or surprises. Why? Because we believe that providing superior products and services will keep our valued customers coming back to us. Our customers continue to provide us with their business because they want to – and we like it that way.

Highest Quality Water Available


Purified and Spring Water

Our RainWater Refreshed brand of products keep the people in your business hydrated, including top load and bottom load water coolers, bottleless water coolers, coolers with ice makers and other dispensers. RainWater Refreshed provides water quality that is a step above even what nature itself can provide, thanks to our special filtration system.

Chrystal mtn. Storm bottom load cooler 3The Highest Quality Water Filtration System

We purify our water through a reverse osmosis filtration process that exceeds water industry standards. This means that you, your customers and employees will always experience a wonderfully clean taste with every sip.

water cooler from oasis 4574_big

Water Cooler Equipment, Coolers and Dispenser

Our water cooler equipment, coolers and dispenser are always top-of-the-line and utilize the latest technology. Additionally, our well-trained delivery and maintenance service professionals are highly knowledgeable about this equipment and will maintain and clean your water coolers during every visit to your business. You will never have to worry about figuring it out for yourself.

bottle buddy rackExceptional bottled water delivery service

Treasure Valley Coffee, Inc. offers bottled water that delivers the same great taste in no-spill, no-splash bottles with easy-lift handles. This makes our water convenient.